frequently asked questions


What is the CDC?

The Collaborative Development Council (CDC) is a partnership between local and regional economic development agencies and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). The Council’s purpose is to provide strategic direction and programmatic input to the MEDC senior leadership team. This working group is intended to help advance the State of Michigan’s economic development through strengthening the relationships, leveraging the assets and improving the flow of communication and project management between the MEDC and local partners.

Who serves on the CDC?

John Avery, Michigan Economic Developer’s Association
Marie Briganti, Battle Creek Unlimited
Bill Raymond, UPWARD Talent Council
JoAnn Crary, Saginaw Future Inc.
Steve Erickson, Tuscola County Economic Development
Janice Karcher, Genessee Regional Chamber of Commerce
Ron Kitchens, Southwest Michigan First
Birgit Klohs, The Right Place, Inc.
Maureen Krauss, Detroit Regional Chamber
Paul Krutko, Ann Arbor SPARK
Matt McCauley, Northwest Michigan Council of Governments
Rodrick Miller, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation
Jennifer Owens, Lakeshore Advantage
Khalil Rahal, Wayne County EDGE
John Paul Rea, Macomb County Planning and Economic Development
Diane Rekowski Northeast Michigan Council of Governments
Don Schurr, Greater Gratiot Development Corp
Irene Spanos, Oakland County Planning and Community Affairs
Bob Trezise, Lansing Economic Area Partnership

I understand that the CDC members represent regions of the state, is this true?

Yes. The State of Michigan has been broken down into 10 regions (see attached map) recognizing that one size does not fit all in economic development resources. One of the objectives of encouraging regionalism is to coordinate service areas from statewide economic development agencies and local partners engaged in economic development, including organizations such as SBTDC, MMTC, PTACs, MWA, etc. as well as interlocal and corporate partners of the MEDC.

If Region 1 is the Upper Peninsula, how do economic development organizations and other organizations get a voice?

Interested parties from the 15 counties in Region 1 can become involved in the Upper Peninsula CDC. This informal network of peers meets on a monthly basis to share information, provide input and collaborate on joint projects. A list of meetings can be found on our website.

Did the UP lose regions? I thought we had three.

The MEDC regions were created in 2011 to better serve their local economic development partners with the UP begin a single region. You may be referring to the three Planning Regions that were created by the US Economic Development Administration, a federal program, which has three in the Upper Peninsula.

Please refer to for state-wide maps of various service territories.

What projects are the UPCDC working on?

• Roll out of “Salesforce”, an economic development data base linking all EDCs across Michigan as a way to share resources.

• Zoom Prospector & buildings web program

• Data/Marketing Project

• Legislative advocacy/alerts

• Identifying businesses with exporting needs

• Economic Gardening

How does the UPCDC communicate with other Region 1 stakeholders and partners?

There are several ways to keep engaged with the UPCDC. This web portal is updated on a regular basis and open to the public. Encourage your local economic development organization to add the link to their website or consider doing so yourself!